Saturday, January 26, 2013

Stranger Shores: The Character Aspects

Since I still don't want to use the phase trio, I am defining what the five aspects should be about.
  • High Concept: The aspect that tells us what your character can do and what he is at his core. Should include a reference to the type of Nightfolk your character belongs to. It will serve as the permission to take appropriate Extras.
  • Weakness: Rather than a trouble aspect, the Nightfolk has specific weaknesses. Each template lists several possible weaknesses. The character is required to have a weakness in form of an aspect.
  • Faction: The faction aspect should describe your membership in one of the five factions. It can include your attitude, something you do for them or your expectations about the faction. The name of the faction doesn't have to be part of the aspect, as long as it is clear from the aspect what faction you belong to. Talk to your gamemaster and your gaming group about this.
  • Community: The next character aspect deals with your role among humans. How do you relate to your neighbors, what do they think about you? It can be about friendships or rivalries; about good deeds you have done or crimes you have to hide.
  • Job: The last character aspect describes what you are doing to earn a living. The aspect can be about your reputation, your competence or incompetence, your profession, your attitude towards your job or  your realtions to your colleagues. Really about anything job-related (e.g. "I am the worst mechanic in town", "People just like my coffee and my smile", "I can't stand to go in the office each day", "Independently wealthy"  - again just a few quick examples, you'll come up with something better, I am sure).

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