Saturday, January 19, 2013

Urban Fantasy: Storm Callers

I am still digesting that my regular group has rejected my initial premise. One player has now stated that he would like to do something with or about magic. So far, I have no other really good idea. The sentence "the characters are competent in the fiction" still echoes through my mind. Another sentence also stands out; this one from the Magic System Toolbox preview:
"Five Great Storms rage at the heart of creation, each large enough to shatter suns..." 
That is of course from the introduction of storm caller magic (for those without the toolbox preview, you can find more information read a review, take a look at actual play or pledge for the Kickstarter to gain access to the preview *grin*).

I really like the idea of the storm callers (including the storm summoners and void callers material). Now I am thinking about combining ideas and some settings.

  • Storm Troopers: The characters are storm callers who "police" other storm callers. They are tasked with trying to minimize damage, take out rogue storm callers, hunt down void callers and generally trying to keep the general populace in the dark about storm calling. That would keep with the "competence" request.The set-up would probably lead to a road-movie campaign setting or at least a roving campaign setting.
  • Northern Exposure: The characters are still storm callers, but they live in Juneau, Alaska and have to deal with the local issues of the town. Not much of an idea beyond that. But I like the closeness of the elements in Juneau: mountains right next to the sea and glaciers. There could be some sort of nexus leading to/being influenced by the storm of ice.

Since I like small town settings, the Northern Exposure idea seems more interesting to me, but the Storm Troopers idea would give more direction to the campaign.

Beyond the storm callers, I am thinking about mixing FATE Core with Itras By, which is kind of lacking a coherent system and thus FATE could be a good match, especially concerning more surreal quirks of Itras By.

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