Thursday, March 7, 2013

Monsterhearts: Session Prep

Tomorrow, the second episode of Devil Falls, AK will be played. I've decided that I need some session prep. Not much, but three things need to be addressed:

  • Annalee the Witch was cheated out of her gaze into the abyss at her grandmother's house.
  • Player characters might encounter the Merrow of Lake Crescent.
  • Baron the Infernal will drug the beer supply at the party. What happens if a player character drinks some beer?

I've decided to address Annalee's gaze into the abyss with a custom move, because she was looking for some very specific information. Also, I am going to introduce that custom move as a love letter. The Merrow will be statted as a threat. It is not, as of itself a menace, but rather a threat attached to a menace. I think the real menace is something else. Drinking beer at the party will be a custom move also. It will be rolled with +dark.

Love Letter to Annalee

Dear Annalee,

since I completely misjudged the scene at your grandmother's house with your aunts being all mean to you and you hitting the books looking for answers to your previous visions, you are entitled to roll +dark after the stats are highlighted. Don't forget to add the +1 carry forward from your previous vision. On 10+,  you can choose choose two: 
  • You will learn that Cassidy can take the shape of a wolf
  • You carry +1 forward toward asking Cassidy for help against the merrow
  • You are cured of one condition.
On a 7-9 choose one:
  • You will learn that Cassidy can take the shape of a wolf and you gain the condition "drained".
  • You learned a confusing jumble of half-truths and maybe even suspect Cassidy to be the merrow.
On a 6- you take the condition "unloved" because you listened too much to your mean aunts.

Love & kisses
Your MC

The Merrow

The merrow constitutes a threat. It craves intimacy (isolate them), it offers power (shower them with outlandish gifts) and it has the capacity for sudden violence (outright kill someone they love). The merrow is a tough opponent and will require 8 harm before being killed.

  • Is there only one merrow?
  • Who awakened the merrow?
  • Who is using the merrow?
  • Who will be offered power by the merrow?

Drinking the Drugged Beer

When you drink from the beer that has been poisoned with drugs by Baron, roll +dark. On a 10+ choose three. On a 7-9, you can choose two.
  • Baron doesn't gain a string on you.
  • The next morning, you do not gain the condition "headache".
  • You don't carry +1 forward when lashing out physically at the party.
  • You do not end up making out publicly with another student from your homeroom.

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