Monday, November 18, 2013

Playing around with the Deck of Fate

I finally got my Deck of Fate in the mail. I want to use it for some fancy tricks during play. Here are my ideas:

The Hand of Fate: Each player is dealt three to five cards, depending on the style of the campaign. Three might be grim and gritty, four is about average and five is heroic. Instead of rolling dice, you play cards. Each card with a negative value you play, nets you a Fate point at the end of the current scene. After playing a card, you immediately draw a new one.

Fate Points:  When playing with a Hand of Fate, Fate points allow you to add +2 to the card value.

Stress: There is no stress track! Instead of taking stress, you reduce the value of a hit by discarding cards from your hand. If you cannot (or don't want to) discard any cards (because they have a zero or negative value), you take the remaining value of the hit as consequences. Cards lost to stress may not be refreshed until after a conflict. If you cannot discard any cards and don't want take any more consequences, you are taken out.

Shuffling: All discarded cards are shuffled back into the deck after either the -4, +4 or unique 0 has been played.

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