Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sword & Sorcery: First ideas for a Fate Hack

Recently, I had an idea for a very simplified version of Fate Core/FAE. You have two only two values on your sheet: Sword & Sorcery.

Sword: The value for sword governs all physical actions your character takes, including social actions that rely on your physical presence (such as intimidation).

Sorcery: The value for sorcery governs all mental actions your character takes, including social actions that rely on cunning and manipulation (such as persuasion or oratory).

In addition to those values, each character has a number of Talents. A talent can be sword-mastery, breaking & entering, horsemanship or seduction. If a talent applies to a roll, you get +2 on the roll. Only one talent at a time can be applied to a roll. Talents replace stunts.

The talents shouldn't be too broadly defined, but also not too narrow. Currently, I am torn between them having either the name of a profession (like swordmaster, sorcerer's apprentice, courtisan or knight) or being named like typical skills (like seduction, sword, axe, climbing).

Everything else remains like in FAE: five aspects, one stress track, consequences, four actions, four outcomes, etc.

If you like fantasy races, you could describe permissions for those races with the relationship between Sword & Sorcery. For example, elves have to have Sorcery > Sword; dwarves vice versa (Sword > Sorcery); and maybe half-elves have to have Sword = Sorcery.

I am going to refine this somemore in the next days.

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