Saturday, May 11, 2013

Extra: Secret Societies for FATE Core

This is an idea based on the "Schools of Power" on page 291 of the FATE Core System. This can be used for games about secret societies, spy games or similar campaigns. I am going to use it for a Victorian Age game. This article gives the basic template without any examples.

Extra: Secret Society

Permission: an aspect describing the membership in the secret society
Costs: 1 Aspect slot, 1 refresh

Being a member of a secret society grants the character access to the resources of the society. Therefore, she is able to use either her own skill or the skill of the secret society (which ever is higher). Also, the character may learn the special stunts listed for her secret society at normal cost. If she is using skills at the societies level or the special stunts, she is employing techniques, tools or manpower from that society. Someone watching the character and being knowledgeable about secret societies, might recognize which society she belongs to.

A character willing to pay the costs may belong to several secret societies, as long as they are no rivals. It is almost unheard of to be a member of two rivalling secret societies.

Secret Society Template

Aspects: Each secret society has three aspects related to its organization.
Skills: Each secret society offers a single skill column topped at great (+4).
Stunts: Each secret society offers three stunts related to its concerns,
Rivals: Each secret society has at least one rival secret society.

For skills it is probably best not to include any skills that have a direct attack application. So, from the default skill list Fight, Shoot and Provoke should not be used. In case a society teaches combat techniques, it's probably best to give them an appropriate stunt.