Monday, September 30, 2013

Pre-Launch 31 Tage RPG Quest

Over at Google+ in the community "Rollenspieler (Deutschsprachig)" the "31 Tage RPG Quest" will be started on October 1. I am participating in this RPG Quest and will be answering the question for each day. Unfortunately, this is a German language community and therefore, the posts of this blog will switch to German for the whole month of October, 2013. I am truly sorry for that inconvenience, but I really want to archive the posts in my blog and do not have the time at the moment to do a proper translation that preserves content and tone of the post.

Starting with November 1, 2013 there will be English language posts again.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fate, Blood & Seven Sins: Interesting Discussions on the Web

This is just a short, informative reminder for myself. There are two rather interesting ideas pertaining to my planned Fate, Blood & Seven Sins hack:

How to convert VtR Blood & Smoke straight to FATE Core

How to use the Wild Blue Hack to do vampiric weaknesses

Interesting things to take away from both articles:

  • The more powers vampires gain, the more weaknesses they get
  • Hunger is basically a trinary state: vampires are sated, hungry or ravenous. In FATE this might translate as having no consequences associated with thirs, one or more consequences associated with thirst and being taken out by thirst.

Now, the only issue is: how do you gain thirst consequenes and how do you get rid of them?

You would probably gain thirst consequences for not meeting the blood requirements of a discipline, as defined by a roll. You would lose them by hunting and feeding. How to emulate that ties-in to the sevcn sins. The sin related to the thirst would of course be Gluttony.

From there, the question is: can each sin be used for all four actions or is each sin tied to specific actions, thus losing a bit of the free format of FAE? Thus, would Wrath be limited to physical attacks and overcoming physical obstacles, Pride to social attacks and overcoming social obstacles, and so on? Most importantly, what would I use Sloth for? Getting other people to do your job? Could it even be the "Age" statistic, thereby implying that older vampires are getting tired and bored?

Drinking blood and satiating your thirst could change internal consequences into external ones. For example, by removing your mild "Thirsty for a sip of blood" consequence, you would create an external aspect: "Drowsy party goer" aspect that symbolizes your feeding and goes away at the end of the scene. Or removing the severe "Thirsty beyond reason" condition creates a "Dead body hidden in the closet" aspect.

Or, drinking blood removes your consequences but creates campaign stress. Campaign stress clears at the end of each session. But stressing out the campaign creates a lasting consequence related to the discovery of vampires.

Enough rambling... as long as the central issue about drinking blood is not solved, I can't really go ahead with FATE, Blood & Seven Sins.