Friday, February 9, 2018

Simple Magic for Fate Accelerated


If you have a permission aspect that implies that your character can do magic, you may describe any action that fits into the paradigm of your magic as a magical action. That's mostly a narrative function. Now, this allows you to work magic that affects a single target in your zone for a scene at most. If you want to break those limitations, you need either a specific stunt or ritual magic.

A stunt describes how you break one or more of those limits. Each limit broken with the same stunt costs a refresh. So affecting multiple targets: one refresh, affecting someone in a different zone than your own: one refresh, or a longer duration than a scene: one refresh.

Ritual magic is in essence a challenge with at least three exchanges: creating some sort of focus for the magic, gathering the magical energy (or attaining a heightened state of being for doing the magic, etc), and finally unleashing the spell. At the GM's discretion, the stage for the gathering the energy could be extended to several actions, depending on the magnitude of magic described. Recommendation: limitation broken adds one exchange to the challenge


Summoning an entity grants a nameless NPC with a either two things they are good at chosen by the caster, and one thing they are bad at chosen by the GM, or it grants an Fair (+2) nameless NPC with one approach at Fair, and two approaches at average. In any event,, the nameless NPC has one stress box.

Spells that augment a character in a specific way are create advantage actions, attacks & defenses are straightforward, as is overcoming an obstacle.

To me, most of this is implied by the Fate Accelerated Edition.

Thoughts? Ideas?